Participants' feedback

''I really enjoyed it, the preparation and group activities were really fun. It definitely improved my english skill and I learned a lot about different cultures.'' - Kleiri (ESTONIA)

''The project was very important for me! thank you all! ''- Josef (ITALY)

''This project was one of the best adventures in my life! A lot of fun and great people! Music <3'' - Adrian (POLAND)

''I didn't know 2 weeks can be so enriching. I feel more "open" now, anyway the environment, the atmosphere and the people with who you're working push you to open yourself ( Yep.. sounds kinda silly, but true ! )'' - Victor (FRANCE)

''I saw views and situations I had never seen in my life, I met new people and we worked together for a common goal. All I had to do is to stay calm and take everything the world wanted to offer to me. Thanks for that. I think that the aim of this project is very inspiring..'' - Silja (ESTONIA)

''I enjoyed this project because I could improve my English, learn more about recycling and meet new people. I, also, learn how to put up a tent!'' - Chiara (ITALY)

"The Green Message was a truly great project that bound hard work and entertainment side by side. Though some of us had to work in a 15cm deep mud collecting cans, salvaging was really exciting and heart-warming at the same time. And then there were those other volunteers and trainers who made this project even more close to my heart... Those two weeks were amazing and I am sure that everyone who loves environment and music will love this project too! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this great project!" - Krister (ESTONIA)

"Everythingispossible offers you the great change to enjoy two of the most famous English music festivals helping the environment and sharing experiences with other foreign guys!" Thank you for the amazing experience and please say hello to Bob, Ohiane and Clair by my side :-)'' - Luca Lo Scavo (ITALY)

''This experience is really amazing! You can improve your language skills and your personal skills! You meet new people from other countries, learn new things (like recycling!) and have so much fun!'' - Jara (ITALY)

"Hi.I'm Michael .My opinion about the Project EVS is very positive and I thank all people's the team EVS and i hope the next edition in 2014 because this is very good place to practise new language and experience on the work in the group with the internationaly guys." - Michał P. (POLAND)

"I have never developed so fast in just two weeks. I started to understand different people even if they leave behind loads of rubbish, scream in the middle of the night or are just lazy." - Helena (ESTONIA)

"J'aimerais remercier toute qui s'est occuper de nous durant ses 15 jours surtout Ohiane et Daniels . 15 jours c'est cour mais cela a été très enrichissant pour moi Merci pour tout à bientôt." - Jerome (FRANCE)

"These amazing weeks taught me, that no matter how cold, wet or muddy it is, when there are awesome people around you, you'll always be warm." - Anett Männiste (ESTONIA)

"This project was just AMAZING!! I enjoyed it a lot (and also the working hours were funny), I met fantastic people and I've improved my English. I would like to thank all those who made possible this project, especially Bob and Clair, who, during this two weeks, were always available and helped us always. The only "bad" thing is that two weeks are too short!!!" - Anna (ITALY)

"It was great project. I learned quite lot in personal and proffesional level. Also my english is a bit better now." - Timo (ESTONIA)

"Me, I  liked to speak in English with the volunteers, I learn vocabulary and I start to understand witch people wants to say me. I liked the work of recycling but I didn't like the  english food and the cleanliness in the toilets and the showers. I woul'd like restart an experience in other country but I must to study in september." ; ''Personally, this project was good because I meet others volunteers of different country. I learn English vocabulary. I enjoyed music from festivals but I don't like the cleanest in the aera. I woul'd like restart an other experience in an other country.'' - Sophie Desruelles (FRANCE)


Adrian (19) -
Student of law. I love sport & I am windsurfing instructor. I like recycling for it helps to protect beautiful landscapes.

Maciek (26) – 
MA in History. My hobby is collecting vinyl records. I think recycling is very important in everyday life.


Michał P. (20) – 
Student of English philology. My hobby is playing musical instruments. I am crazy about recycling rubbish in my town.

Michał K. (18) – 
Student of technical school. I am keen on studying IT. My hobby is music. I cannot imagine running houses without recycling.

Agnieszka (23)-
I study geology and protection of environment. I was involved in important actions in my city connected with recycling.


David (26) -
I’m Polish and I study Russian philology. I’m a big fan of music. I love playing guitar and I like keeping everything clean.




"I’m Merilyn from Estonia.I’ve never been a volunteer before,so its new experience for me.I’ll be making a documentry about the project!



Krister (18) -
Estonia. Student rights, EYP, music and running. Always late, sarcastic, bad jokes, but honest & good companion. I love trees.


I'm Helena (19) -

From Estonia, cat-loving adventurous young lady who is trying to heal Mother Earth with love and recycling.

My name is Kleiri and I'm 18 years and 10 months old. I like turtles, books and playing basketball. I want make the world a better place.   

I'm Timo, 20 yo hobbies music photography hiking reading 

I study environmental protection my speciality is secret. :)


I’m Anne-Mai, 23. I’m energetic, I love music and books. I’m a vegetarian and passionate about the environment. I love meeting new people!

My name is Anett, I'm from Estonia and 20 years old. I'm at UNI-student and devoted volunteer, who loves music, traveling and coffee! :)


I’m Grete, 22, student from Estonia! I’m positive and curious person. I love happy people, travelling (hitchhiking), adventures, new challenges and marshmallows.

My name is Maria and I am 20 years old. I live in very small town called Põlva. I study in The University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy leisure- time magament, what is based on youth work.  

I`m Heli from Estonia. I`m 21 years old, who really likes what she is studying - youth work. I`m open minded person and I thankful for the new experiences.

My name is Reelika (25 years). I am from Estonia. I love to travel, paint and do different sports. I believe in faith and i let my dreams lead me the way in life.

Hello. I am Silja from Estonia. I study music. I like to travel, I like nature, books, interesting people, mountains, new experiences and life in general.







I'm French. My name is Lisa and I 20 years old. I love discovering a new things and be useful to others. This is the first time I participate in a volunteer project. I'm looking forward to it. 

I'm Nanmandia. I'm 21 years old. I like shopping, going for a walk. I want to participate to get better in English, and get more autonomous.

"Geoffrey, 21. I like the cinema, video games and moutain bikes. I participate in the project to learn new things and how to live in a group."

Hi me is Jerome, I am 21 years old, I'm French and I live near Lille. I love to party like many young :). My passion is rap I even amateur rapper for about a year and a half.

Hey, I'm Victor. I'm gonna have 20 years old the 17 August ( hoooray ). I'm searching to meet people, from any country, with any mentality ! Aaand I love flowers

"I am Sophie Desruelles, I am twenty three years old. I live in France.
I like read, listen to music and sport (bike, running and fitness) and the nature.
I'm interesting by the project because I like the clean environment.
Futhermore, it will be human experience to share a common action."



(8 out of 9 participants)

Hi there,

my name is Katia, and I'm really happy to join this project in Leeds! I love meet people from others country and share with them experience and get new clue and point of view. I find really interesting the topic of our job and that's why I'm happy we all togheter could do something to make aware people of the importance of recycling. Besides this we could share our free time to know better each other and have fun togheter! It sounds amazing so I'm looking forward to being at Leeds festival and working with all of you guys!  Cheers!

Chiara Celant (Italy)

Hi! I’m Chiara, I’m 27 years old. I’m searching for a job. I like all kind of art, especially graphics, listening to music, reading, travelling and meet new people.


"Hey guys, I am Jara and I am 23 years old. I've studied English and Spanish at the University of Udine (Italy). I am really excited to participate at this project and help environment. I hope I will enjoy this new experience. See you soon, besos!"




I’m Luca and I come from Italy. I’m 18 and my hobbies are listening to music and having fun with my friends. I like recycling and the environment.



Hi! I'm Anna and I'm Italian. I'm 18 and I like horse riding, reading, playing guitar and meet new people. I love nature, that's why I'm doing scout since 7 years ago!

I'm Francesca Pasini,I'm 20. I'm Solar but  I'm touchy. I like music,relax. I've never had experience in recycling,but I'd like know more about this.

Francesca Coppola:

 Hi, I 'm Francesco I m 20  and I live in Forli since I was born. I finished the high school in June with the final exam.
I have a lot of hobbies for example: painting, play drums and travelling.
I have a lot of experience like a volunteer in a foreign country, but I never gone in England.
I like the nature and the animals too. I think that it will be a great experience!  

 "I'm Erica, 23yo from Italy. I love nature, taking care of the environment, traveling and getting to know interesting people from all around the world"


Hi! I’m Virginia, from Spain. I like travel, listening live music, know new people and sports where you can be in contact with nature, like diving. I’m environmental technician and I’m a nature lover so…what’s better than be involved in this project and sharing the “Green Message” about how important is recycling?   

Daniel, from Spain. Volunteering in UK since January.
"Some people said that there are not enough things for all the world, but I said that some countries have too much. This is the case. Maybe we can´t change it, but we can help recycling and reusing what they do not appreciate." 


Hi I’m Ohiane. I came to volunteer with Everything is Possible in January.
I like doing things to help improve things. This project is going to be a great chance to help local communities and to meet good people!

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