Monday, 5 August 2013

What to bring or not with you to the Festival

Absolutely essential things: 

- A warm sleeping bag,
- warm clothes (it can be cold during the night),
- wellington boots/ water proof boots.

List of things you should have on your suitcase to make your live easier:

- A raincoat, waterproof clothing,
- a towell (for the shower),
- a torch and some batteries (it will be dark in your tent at night),
- sun cream and a hat,
- tissues/ wipes,
- if you need to charge your phone don't forget to bring a UK adaptor (keep in mind that you will have the possibility to charge your phone during the project just two times!),
- if you smoke you might want to think about bringing some cigarrettes with you. Cigarettes are VERY expensive in the UK (about 10 a pack) and even MORE expensive if you buy them in the festival (about €15).

Do not bring:

- High heel shoes,
- candles,
- hair-straighteners,
- glass bottles. It is forbidden to take any sort of glass bottles into the festival.

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